Ed Botkin Original Oil Paintings
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Artist Statement

My work in art is done for the immense satisfaction it gives me to create a painting. I enjoy the challenge of taking a scene or object and portraying it in a composition that is pleasing to the eye. At the same time I must stay true to the mood and sensitivity of the subject.
To accomplish this may require the introduction or elimination of objects or areas in the scene. Simplicity is always a challenge in any painting. To me the play of light and shadows is delightful and must be treated carefully. Details in the shade have to be painted in – the shadow cannot be just a dark mass. At the same time the light cannot be too bright. This is a fun problem of values to solve and very gratifying when it is accomplished.
My current work has grown out of a lifelong love of art. I started my art work by painting realistic landscapes. Later I worked in stained glass design and that lead me into a period of abstract work using fused glass. Some of these pieces were all glass and some used the glass as a focal point with the background a painted canvas. About fifteen years ago I returned to realistic oil painting. I have studied intensely under a very accomplished artist and have seen a marked improvement in my work. I learn from every painting and am truly enjoying the journey.